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Krakhuna 2021

35 30n

Dry, Amber, Qvevri, Unfiltered Wine.

Wine is made from bio/organically treated, western Georgian, very rare grape variety Krakhuna. It's made in Qvevri with western Georgian traditional vinification method, with 20% skins contact and several weeks of maceration.

Wine is made 100% naturally, without any additives, without added sulfites, without clarification or filtration. That means that during storage appearance of sediment is to be expected. Appearance of sediment does not mean that the wine is spoiled or its quality is reduced. Sediment is a result of physical and chemical processes that goes in wines during ageing process.

Wine is characterized with higher acidity, rich aromas, mild body and long finish. It matches well with white meat dishes, fish and seafood, cheese and roasted vegetables.

Serve at temperatures between 10-12 centigrade. At this temperature this wine is opening perfectly and expressing itself very well.

Please store wines horizontally, in a dark, cool place.

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